The 2019 MMUST Cultural Week (Tamasha) In A Nutshell

The 2019 MMUST Cultural Week (Tamasha) In A Nutshell

A time comes when the daily inflow of comrades into campus begins to rise. They will be wearing friendly faces; smiles from one corner of their faces to the other, walking with a spring in their step among other jovial involuntary illustrations.

Well, you may note a few beans in the maize since others may seem stranded and less cheerful. Let’s assume the pressures from class is the cause of that. Although we know too well that many times academics is the least of most comrades’ worries. For instance, you’d hear some say, “Bwana baridi imezidi.” It’s definitely not cold in class, is it?

When you begin to note all these and the air in and around campus smells less of books and more of expectance, then you need not wait to be told that a major event is on the way. It is none other than The Cultural Week, otherwise known as Tamasha.

Last week was a week to remember as it was the week that the 2019 Tamasha Event went down. The series of events that make up the cultural week began on the 10thall the way to its climatic end on the night of the 13thof April.

The theme of the Cultural Week was ‘Recognizing and celebrating our heritage and diversity for the attainment of the big four agenda.’

The icons to be watched in the Tamasha Event were Mr. Flex and Miss Jumbo and pageants, Mr. and Miss MMUST.

So here is a breakdown of how the most anticipated for event in Masinde Muliro Campus went down.

Day 1, Wednesday

The Cultural Week kicked off on this day.The opening of the event was melodiously graced by the MMUST Brass Band and The Team 1 Talented GYG PoP Band at the Graduation Square. It was then followed by interdenominational prayers with various university officials led by a Deputy Vice Chancellor and members of the senate present.

Day 2, Thursday

The number of attendees began to shoot as comrades gathered to watch the event as it unfolded in many colours that involved tons of entertainment. Among the colours was the showcase of talent which presented once again just how much MMUST is favoured with talented comrades.

Day 3, Friday

Being a Friday, the event had to go on a bowling spree. This day had hundreds of comrades get a personal taste of the Cultural Week bowling ball because, well, it had everything to do with the diverse Kenyan cultures that we are all a part of.

Each one of the 14 clusters of cultures did their best to outshine the other through exhibitions of how well they know and cherish their culture and traditions. The fruits of these exhibitions fell on G Square in forms of busaa, nyama choma and oruji among other traditional delicacies. Dancing, singing and traditional chants was the vibe of the day.

Friday night

The night is usually saved for the crowns in the Tamasha Events. The setting up of the performance stage delayed the commencement of the night’s program. However, the night caught fire just in time courtesy of MC Vic and MC Jeff in collaboration with a number of DJs; Vamda 254 and Ray The Big Popper;just to name a few.

The psyche of the crowd was ignited when the MCs sought for a dancer with a fire waist. Oh you bet they found one Mercy, a first year who made the hit song Tetema to be the song to remember her with. Seeing that it was the night to crown Miss Jumbo, the psyche went a notch higher when the crowd was fed with Jumbo models including the former Miss Jumbo- to raise the curtains for the night.

Then one by one this year’s five Miss Jumbo contestants were called to the stage as they cat walked their mightily blessed bodies.

The able bodied flexors came later with oiled bodies to showcase what their affair with the gym has been all about.

Two time Flex champion, Samuel Mbeche was crowned Mr. Flex 2019 for the third time in a row.

The surprise win came from Jelagat Kosgey, a first year, Disaster Management student as Miss Jumbo 2019.

The Prom Night at MCU had Tommy Lee and Njeri Odhiambo crowned as King and Queen of Prom.

Day 4, Saturday

The peak of the cultural exhibitions came on Saturday when enormous beasts in the name of bulls were marched into the MMUST grounds. The battle of the animal kingdom saw a bull nicknamed Bahati carry the day on its horns.

Saturday night

The climax of all climaxes you might say. All roads led to G Square on Saturday night and by 9.30PM, the show had begun officially. The great mantle of propelling the energy of the crowd was upon the popular MC Warren who did a tremendous job alongside MC Jeff.

On the judges’ bench where the fate of 13 female and 9 male pageants sat was Sylvester Okoth (Mr.Peace – Nairobi County), Victoria Imelda (Miss Tourism – Vihiga County), Mary (Miss Environment – Meru County) and Benita Ogega (MissTourism Kenya – Nyamira County and former Miss MMUST). The male and female finalists were shortlisted after several tireless trips on the runway. The judges announced the new Mr. and Miss MMUST as Samuel Doe and Wairimu Mwangi. Samuel is a 3rd year, nursing student and Wairimu is a 3rd year Disaster Management student. However amidst elations were foul cries that the final results had been rigged. The top male pageantry position is still disputed until further notice. The thick competitive atmosphere was cleared away when the big guest of the night, the Kansoul’s one and only Mejja took the stage by storm. All feet swang in the air to the ‘Kufa Juu’ hit song that doesn’t seem to grow old. And the 2019 Tamasha is a wrap!
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